Wednesday, June 3, 2009

csc134..the class starting

there are many arguments and doubt what is the relation betweeen
law and computer..for some people who used to being a person who full with a pesimistic views..i do believe that they had neglect the most crucial thing ever about this prospect of life.For me,this life there are link between each other..for an example what is the relation between human and animal?indeedly they dont have the same capacity,looks,even they cant think creatively and critically..but they are needed for us for foods,vehicles and so many we human can just feed ourselves with jus being a vegetarian all the time?it on our hand to thnik and computer do related because of firstly it serve us with i9nformations as this world now had being without it still relevant for us for just being hoping for the articles and magazines..secondly we must be a realustic is not just about we read facts and answer the examination..but is serve us for the future..many companies and firms demanding on technologies,structurelize and the most crucial ever we ever survived if we still only and only holding pens and papers while other just use fingers and keyboard,which had proven faster and smarter..that make me thing it is important and crucial.

i hope i will be teach maturedly but still in the respect of teachers and student
i hope i will be teach honestly as prophet muhammad lay islam to the human nation
i hope i will be teach lovely as a father teaching her son to be a better person
because i believe the barakah only lay when there are redha and hilmah..